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Want to Help Your Customers Multitask? Build a Voice App

Consumers are busy, and they want to work with businesses that provide frictionless experiences. Thanks to a voice app, your company can provide consumers with seamless experiences that save time and make it easy to multitask.

At Bluefin Technology Partners, we work with companies across a wide range of industries and help these businesses uncover ways to use voice apps to engage with consumers. One such instance involved Shady Tree Landscaping, which wanted an app that would allow consumers to use their Amazon Alexa voice assistant to schedule service requests.

Bluefin Helps Shady Tree Landscaping's Customers Multitask Like Never Before 

Previously, if a consumer wanted Shady Tree Landscaping to rake its leaves or provide other landscaping services, he or she would need to contact the company directly. This would require the consumer to reach out to Shady Tree Landscaping via phone or email, wait for a response, and set up a date and time for their service.

We wanted to help Shady Tree Landscaping simplify the process of scheduling service appointments. To achieve our goal, we built a voice app that lets consumers submit a service request to Shady Tree Landscaping via Alexa.

With Shady Tree Landscaping's voice app, consumers can submit a service request via Alexa, without the hassle of making a phone call or sending an email. Consumers can submit a service request any time they choose via Alexa — even if they are cooking, cleaning, or performing other tasks at home. Then, Shady Tree Landscaping will follow up with the consumer to finalize a date and time to fulfill their service request.

Make It Easy for Consumers to Engage with Your Brand 

Brand engagement is paramount for today's companies. For Shady Tree Landscaping, the business can now connect with its consumers via Alexa and use its voice app to distinguish itself from rivals. At the same time, Shady Tree Landscaping is well-equipped to foster long-lasting customer loyalty, due in part to its ability to provide a fast, easy process to submit service requests via Alexa.

Bluefin can partner with your business to help you build a voice app that drives brand engagement and customer loyalty. Our proven process empowers us to learn about your brand and discover the best way to launch an app that falls in line with your business requirements. To learn more about our voice app development process or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.