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For Under $7, You Can Add Amazon Alexa to Your Product

The Amazon Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) makes it easy to build an “Alexa-connected smart home“ or “works with Alexa” products without breaking your budget — just ask Chris Post, Business Development Lead at Amazon ACK.

Post leads a partner-facing team that helps device manufacturers deliver smart home products built on ACK. He believes ACK is the best solution to create Alexa-connected smart products.

“ACK allows a business to connect its product to Alexa without having to manage cloud services or write an Alexa Skill,” Post says. “The bottom line: businesses can use ACK to quickly and easily build Alexa-connected smart products that their customers will love.”

Ultimately, ACK enables businesses to transform any product into a smart and connected device — for not much more than a finely crafted latte.

How to Add Alexa Capabilities to a Product

At Bluefin Technology Partners, we use a proven process to validate, design, and build Internet of Things (IoT) products and systems, including Alexa-connected smart products.

If you want to add Alexa capabilities to your product, we recommend the following approach: 

1. Evaluate Your Existing Product

We review your existing product, its price, and the cost to produce it, do a technical teardown, and assess your commercial strategy and goals to make sure they’re achievable.

2. Analyze the Financial Impact of an Alexa Smart Connected Product

Every product can have a unique voice. We brainstorm creative ways to incorporate Alexa and create a smart and connected version of your product. In addition, we determine the costs to enhance your product; these costs can be as low as $7 per unit. We then reevaluate and restructure your bill of materials in order to maximize your smart connected product’s profit margin.

3. Design, Develop, and Manufacture Your Alexa-Connected Smart Product 

Our integrated team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers uses ACK to produce a connected product. Leveraging ACK, our team can take what often can be a year-long process or more and complete it in as little as four months. We ensure your Alexa-connected smart product meets your expectations and deliver it on the highly secure, reliable, and scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

Our Alexa-connected smart products can help businesses increase their profit margins. They also enable businesses to deliver smart products that differentiate their brands from industry rivals, increase customer trust and loyalty, and boost sales and revenues.

Build a Smart Connected Product with Bluefin

We can help you incorporate Alexa capabilities into your existing product or build a new product that works with Alexa — quickly and affordably. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, please contact us online or call us today at (978) 238-0054.