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How Alexa Skills Help Businesses Improve Customer Outreach

Amazon Alexa Skills help businesses distinguish themselves from the competition, promote their products and services, and drive sales. Additionally, businesses can use Alexa Skills to improve their customer outreach.

Alexa Skills and Customer Outreach: Here's What You Need to Know 

Skills for Alexa are quickly becoming staples of successful businesses — and for good reason.

Businesses can use Alexa Skills to connect with customers remotely. At the same time, a mobile voice app for Alexa is only as good as the company that provides it. For a company that wants to stand out as an industry leader, it must deliver an Alexa Skill that fulfills customers' expectations.

The right Alexa Skill ensures customers can seamlessly engage with a business. It also provides a unique experience that elevates a brand and shows customers what it is all about. The bottom line: your business needs a voice app for Alexa-enabled devices — without it, your company is missing out on opportunities to foster customer partnerships.

Landscaping Company Uses Alexa to Streamline the Scheduling Process

Shady Tree Landscaping wanted to build an Alexa Skill to help its customers schedule lawn care and maintenance services. We helped make Shady Tree's vision a reality by delivering an Alexa Skill that allows its customers to submit service requests via their Alexa-enabled devices.

With the Skill for Alexa, Shady Tree customers can use their Alexa-enabled device to schedule lawn services. Then, Shady Tree follows up with its customers via text, email, or phone call to confirm their appointment.

Shady Tree customers surely appreciate the fact that they can use the Alexa Skill to schedule lawn care and maintenance services in just seconds. Meanwhile, Shady Tree verifies their appointment and ensures that its customers can get the lawn services they need, exactly when they need them.

Launch an Alexa Skill to Improve Customer Outreach

The Shady Tree Alexa Skill highlights how a business can use a voice app to enhance its customer relationships and build new ones. To learn how we can help your business develop and deploy a Skill for Alexa, please contact us today.