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Blog Series! Smart Devices Data

What can we learn from people's use of Smart Home devices?

Companies have been designing and manufacturing products for a long time. What have these companies ever learned from their products? It’s probably only when something breaks that I provide feedback to a company I’ve purchased something off.  That will soon change.  Products are becoming smart, manufactured with chips in them that allow remote control and internet access.  With that comes troves of information for a company that makes these products.  


There are so many places that this information could be valuable.  The information could be helpful to the sales team, to check in on the seasonal trends of their products' sales. The purchasing department will know exactly how many devices have been manufactured.  The design team working on next year's product can see what features users use most and which ones never get used.  Suddenly the product is informing the company, it helps the company get smarter about the product and the customer using it. In the end, this means a better product, that is easier to use and set up, all at a cheaper price for the consumer. 


Over the next few weeks we will release a series of blog posts, exploring this smart device data.  We will talk about what information is coming off of the devices, how companies can use this information to inform the product and their operations and ultimately how that turns into an awesome product for the end customer.