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Amazon Introduces Alexa Agency Curriculum: Here's What You Need to Know

An Amazon Alexa Skill can help your business engage with customers like never before. But, many voice app providers are available, and each claims it can help you quickly and easily launch an Alexa Skill that matches your expectations.

At Bluefin Technology Partners, we're more than just an ordinary voice app provider. We understand the ins and outs of Alexa Skills, to the point where Amazon asked us to contribute to the Alexa Agency Curriculum.

What Is the Alexa Agency Curriculum?

The Alexa Agency Curriculum is a one-stop shop for agencies, brands, and tool providers that want to launch an Alexa Skill. It offers steps to help your company create a one-of-a-kind Alexa Skill that can drive customer outreach and differentiate your business from its rivals. Additionally, the curriculum features case studies that showcase how businesses across myriad industries have developed and deployed unique Alexa Skills.

You can access the Alexa Agency Curriculum here — and we recommend checking it out. Because, once you review the curriculum, it may be easy to see why companies increasingly choose Bluefin to launch Alexa voice skills.

How Did Bluefin Contribute to the Alexa Agency Curriculum?

The Alexa Agency Curriculum highlights our work with Real Estate One, a Michigan real estate agency. It includes a case study that shows how we helped Real Estate One leverage smart and connected technologies to engage home buyers and sellers.

Bluefin and Real Estate One worked together to find innovative ways to connect with home buyers and sellers. Ultimately, we built an Alexa Skill that leverages Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to foster collaboration and engagement.

Home buyers can use the Real Estate One Alexa Skill to shop for a house — all while using their voice to control their Amazon Echo smart device. Meanwhile, home sellers can use the Alexa Skill to share details about their residence and let Real Estate One know to follow up with them for further assistance.

Why Your Business Needs an Alexa Skill

Real Estate One uses its Alexa Skill to lay the groundwork for successful partnerships with its clientele. If you work with us, your business can do the same — regardless of your size or industry.

Bluefin is a proud contributor to the Alexa Agency Curriculum, and we work with businesses to help them determine how a voice app can be used to engage customers, generate leads, drive sales, and more. To find out how we can help your business create and launch an Alexa Skill, please contact us today