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Police Technology: How Code Blue Alexa Skill Improves Law Enforcement

At Bluefin Technology Partners, we explore opportunities to integrate smart and connected capabilities into products across all industries. Recently, we helped develop Code Blue, an Amazon Alexa skill that empowers law enforcement officers to work safely, quickly, and efficiently.  

What Is Code Blue?

Code Blue is an Alexa skill that provides real-time access to motor vehicle laws and fines, criminal law elements, and arrest elements. So, a police officer can open Code Blue on their smart and connected device, submit a voice command or written request, and immediately get information he or she can use to perform their job to the best of their ability.

For example, consider what happens if a police officer catches a driver speeding. Prior to Code Blue, an officer would need to manually calculate the cost of a speeding ticket. Now, with Code Blue, an officer can use a voice command or written request to automatically calculate a speeding ticket in seconds on their smartphone or tablet.   

Code Blue also provides real-time GPS tracking, and it monitors a police officer's location during traffic stops. In addition, Code Blue offers a "Question of the Day" feature, so police officers can test their knowledge of motor vehicle laws and fines, criminal law elements, and arrest elements every day.

What Does Code Blue Mean for Law Enforcement? 

Code Blue improves police reporting. The Alexa Skill ensures that police officers can instantly get insights into laws and use these insights to accurately produce reports. The result: fewer police cases are dismissed due to errors or inaccurate reporting.

Also, Code Blue helps police officers stay focused on the task at hand. For instance, a police officer who pulls a car over can use Code Blue to look up laws, fines, and other pertinent information on scene. This ensures that police officers can do their job, by the book — without having to grab a textbook or conduct an extensive LexisNexis search to review motor vehicle laws and fines, criminal law elements, and arrest elements.

What Does the Future Hold for Code Blue? 

Massachusetts police officers can use Code Blue in the field, at the station, and at home. The Alexa skill is also available to anyone who wants to learn about Massachusetts motor vehicle laws and fines, criminal law elements, and arrest elements via their smart and connected device.

The future of Code Blue looks bright, too. In fact, Code Blue may transform the way police officers learn, due in part to the rising demand for police technology. "With Code Blue, we're getting rid of police officer textbooks that are usually outdated the day after they're printed, and we’re letting police officers learn with technology," a Massachusetts police captain said. "Code Blue is also making police officers more efficient and more knowledgeable."

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