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How One Simple Wish’s Transformative Design Puts Children First

One Simple Wish (OSW) is a a nonprofit started by it’s current Executive Director Danielle Gletow. By granting wishes through OSW’s innovative giving platform, individual donors are able to make a direct difference in the lives of foster children and vulnerable families. One Simple Wish is utilized by many community partner organizations through which they impact the lives of thousands of children. The site is also used by corporations and groups to create donation campaigns. The team at One Simple Wish approached us to do a complete overhaul of their web UI and backend donation application. The goals of the project were mobile responsivity, child centric design, corporate giving, and application optimization. Throughout the project it was inspiring to know that we were making a direct impact on the lives of thousands of children who are registered on the site. Hearing these stories first hand from Danielle only made us work harder to bring this project to production.

Every aspect of the redesign was focused on “putting the children first” as Danielle called it. Previously the site was focused on the wishes and the community partners that inputted the request for wishes. One of the biggest changes we made to the site was the implementation of child profiles. These profiles allowed community partners to create multiple wishes for the same children. These new child profiles on the site allowed wish granters to keep up with the children that they granted the wish for. The goal of this feature to deepen the emotional tie to each wish granted, and to connect wish granters to the children they were helping.

I highly suggest you head over to and check out their work and grant some wishes. In addition, if you sign up to their newsletter you will be able to get weekly stories on the children that One Simple Wish has helped and see what a big difference a small donation can make to a child’s life.

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